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These balances are important to every Pool/Spa. Damage to you and your pool/spa can be averted by the right levels being maintained.

Please!! Do not worry about them as we are here at the other end of the phone and E-mail to help. These are the simple steps to take.

  1. Click to buy a "TEST KIT". (If not from us then from elsewhere if you need to, although we think ours are very user friendly, comprehensive and value for money).
  2. Send us your complete data.
  3. We will help you to balance your water (if it is out).
  4. Then buy the "Healthcare System" which will slot into your pool systems easily for (can be) 100% chlorine free swimming.

4 simple steps and you are buying with confidence every step of the way.

We are also here for your guidance. Please click to see our aid memoir.


IF you have Hard Water there are things we can suggest, so please phone to discuss.

Crystalclear Pool/Spa Unit.

Pool Water Maintenance Levels.

Ion Level 0.2ppm 0.3ppm 0.5ppm  
pH 7.2ppm 7.4 to 7.6ppm 7.8ppm  
Alkalinity 70ppm 100ppm 120ppm  
Calcium 225ppm 250ppm 500ppm Drain Pool 1/2
Cyanuric Acid -o- -o- 100ppm Drain Pool 1/2
Total Dissolved Solids 750ppm   2000ppm Drain Pool 1/2



If you read the Spa Manual on our "Domestic Prices Page" you will see that the Spa ion perfector unit is not a 100% Remedy for Spa's/Hot tub's and a once a week shock is required to Oxidise the Spa.

Use Oxy-Shock and stay 100% FREE of Chlorine.


Chemical Function Dosing Method Benefits

Potassium mono peroxy sulphate

A shock treatment based on oxygen so it does not produce smelly chlorine compounds. It is mainly used on Spas on a weekly basis to give a boost of oxidising agent to kill off any bacteria that might be present. Dissolve in a bucket of warm water and distribute around the spa. NEVER place directly into the spa. (1) Does not produce chlorine smells. (2) Fast Dissolving.





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